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Poverty Riches and Wealth

   Posted by: Wayne Armstrong

Kris with his new book

Poverty Riches and Wealth

Last month I signed up to be on the launch team for Kris Vallotton new book “Poverty, Riches and Wealth” and today is launch day. Do you want to build real wealth?

I am a fan of Kris’ writing because it is genuinely from his heart and life experience. I believe there is a coming reformation to the American church and her understanding of how the kingdom operates. Kris’ book is I believe one of the key tools of overcoming poverty mindsets and setting families free.

There is a difference between being wealthy and being rich and Kris does a good job of walking people through the limiting mindsets into the freedom of the Kingdom of God.

Poverty Mindset

People trapped in a poverty mindset struggle with the financial success of those around them. Questions and comments I hear all the time from people who struggle with a poverty mindset (spirit)

  1. Why do all their plans work and mine never?
  2. They are only rich because they must be taking from the collection plate on Sunday. I despise this one because while there may be a few bad apples in churches most of the preachers and church staff I have met and know live off almost nothing, as this mindset dishonors them and their sacrifice for the church body, and ensures they cannot have anything nice.
  3. I never have enough money it is very limited and scarce and cannot be made easily.
  4. My money is mine and I cannot afford to spend it on anything as I may not have anything in the future.
  5. I don’t trust anyone who wants to teach me anything about money, they just want me to spend it buying their book that is not going to teach me anything I don’t already know.
  6. My spouse needs to bring in her fair share of the money or we will not make it.
  7. Why should I work for it when the government will give it to me for free.
  8. They are only rich because they took it through dishonest means.

People who struggle with the poverty mindset will often feel they are entitled to the things others have worked and sacrificed for.  This expresses itself politically as well. A good comparison between the mindsets could be “Poverty votes for candidates who will increase its entitlements, while wealth elects officials who will sacrifice today’s comfort for tomorrow’s children.

You see a poverty mindset will keep you trapped in poverty no matter the size of your bank account.

Money is simply a tool that is to be used and is great for revealing what is in our heart by how we use it. Here is a great quote from the second chapter “…Sometimes, having wonderful things is a sign of something beautiful going on in the heart of a person who is forging his or her way out of a poverty mentality.”

The Book

Kris wrote Poverty Riches and Wealth from his own journey experience out of poverty.

Poverty, Riches and Wealth book

Here are his words about the book.

I grew up on welfare, then went on to start seven businesses, and I realized 20 years later that I was never going to prosper. Why? Whether I was living in poverty or making money, I still had core values that held me back from living an abundant life. I actually embraced them as Christian values and learned later that they were the opposite of the kingdom. The truth? Heaven is actually a prosperous place, and God is a prosperous God.

So, I wrote my latest book, Poverty, Riches and Wealth out of my own experience and out of trying to find my way out of poverty. I want to help others out of poverty—not that people would be rich, not that they would have a lot of money—but that they would know that God is the God of the impossible. That God can, and does, do everything that we need, and often many things that we want.

In the pages of Poverty, Riches and Wealth you’re going to learn that there are a lot of rich people…people who have lots of money, who are actually not wealthy. And you’re going to find that there a lot of people that don’t have money, but they’re very wealthy people because they understand that God is their source and that God is the God of abundance.

In this book, you’ll find keys to:

  • Overcome the never-enough mentality to experience true abundance.
  • Break free from a poverty mindset that reaps lack in your life.
  • Demystify Biblical teaching on money so you can discover peace in your finances.
  • Learn the difference between riches and wealth.

Kingdom prosperity begins from the inside out. When you learn to cultivate a mindset of abundance, no matter your circumstances, you will begin to experience the wealth of heaven in every area of your life.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey out of poverty and into the abundance Jesus paid for us to have!



I have also included Kris video about the book.

The book is available on Amazon.

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