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Creativity and Fear

   Posted by: Wayne Armstrong    in Inspirational, Kingdom thinking, Straight Talk

Creativity is a gift to be explored free of fear. Perfect love casts out fear. When men have connected to the source of all life Jesus, creativity and redemption are an open door.

Creativity should never be boxed in by what is considered normal and accepted, but with freedom comes responsibility.

I long for the day:

  • that creative person will freely explore their gifts and be allowed to come up with solutions to some of the problems the world is facing.
  • where men and woman are free to explore what the creator has placed within their hearts to be made manifest on the earth.
  • when people would stop aborting the future hidden in the lives of children who never get the opportunity to develop and explore the world we enjoy.
  • all people would honor the “Glory of God” intrinsically contained in each other rather than divide over doctrine. It is never about “us versus them” it is about “We”.

Jesus did not come to set up another religion! He came to adopt broken and lost children who are disconnected from their creator and lover. He came to bring us back into the divine relationship of goodness and love. Anything less is a substitute.

Enjoy this video.

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