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Poverty Riches and Wealth

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Kris with his new book

Poverty Riches and Wealth

Last month I signed up to be on the launch team for Kris Vallotton new book “Poverty, Riches and Wealth” and today is launch day. Do you want to build real wealth?

I am a fan of Kris’ writing because it is genuinely from his heart and life experience. I believe there is a coming reformation to the American church and her understanding of how the kingdom operates. Kris’ book is I believe one of the key tools of overcoming poverty mindsets and setting families free.

There is a difference between being wealthy and being rich and Kris does a good job of walking people through the limiting mindsets into the freedom of the Kingdom of God.

Poverty Mindset

People trapped in a poverty mindset struggle with the financial success of those around them. Questions and comments I hear all the time from people who struggle with a poverty mindset (spirit)

  1. Why do all their plans work and mine never?
  2. They are only rich because they must be taking from the collection plate on Sunday. I despise this one because while there may be a few bad apples in churches most of the preachers and church staff I have met and know live off almost nothing, as this mindset dishonors them and their sacrifice for the church body, and ensures they cannot have anything nice.
  3. I never have enough money it is very limited and scarce and cannot be made easily.
  4. My money is mine and I cannot afford to spend it on anything as I may not have anything in the future.
  5. I don’t trust anyone who wants to teach me anything about money, they just want me to spend it buying their book that is not going to teach me anything I don’t already know.
  6. My spouse needs to bring in her fair share of the money or we will not make it.
  7. Why should I work for it when the government will give it to me for free.
  8. They are only rich because they took it through dishonest means.

People who struggle with the poverty mindset will often feel they are entitled to the things others have worked and sacrificed for.  This expresses itself politically as well. A good comparison between the mindsets could be “Poverty votes for candidates who will increase its entitlements, while wealth elects officials who will sacrifice today’s comfort for tomorrow’s children.

You see a poverty mindset will keep you trapped in poverty no matter the size of your bank account.

Money is simply a tool that is to be used and is great for revealing what is in our heart by how we use it. Here is a great quote from the second chapter “…Sometimes, having wonderful things is a sign of something beautiful going on in the heart of a person who is forging his or her way out of a poverty mentality.”

The Book

Kris wrote Poverty Riches and Wealth from his own journey experience out of poverty.

Poverty, Riches and Wealth book

Here are his words about the book.

I grew up on welfare, then went on to start seven businesses, and I realized 20 years later that I was never going to prosper. Why? Whether I was living in poverty or making money, I still had core values that held me back from living an abundant life. I actually embraced them as Christian values and learned later that they were the opposite of the kingdom. The truth? Heaven is actually a prosperous place, and God is a prosperous God.

So, I wrote my latest book, Poverty, Riches and Wealth out of my own experience and out of trying to find my way out of poverty. I want to help others out of poverty—not that people would be rich, not that they would have a lot of money—but that they would know that God is the God of the impossible. That God can, and does, do everything that we need, and often many things that we want.

In the pages of Poverty, Riches and Wealth you’re going to learn that there are a lot of rich people…people who have lots of money, who are actually not wealthy. And you’re going to find that there a lot of people that don’t have money, but they’re very wealthy people because they understand that God is their source and that God is the God of abundance.

In this book, you’ll find keys to:

  • Overcome the never-enough mentality to experience true abundance.
  • Break free from a poverty mindset that reaps lack in your life.
  • Demystify Biblical teaching on money so you can discover peace in your finances.
  • Learn the difference between riches and wealth.

Kingdom prosperity begins from the inside out. When you learn to cultivate a mindset of abundance, no matter your circumstances, you will begin to experience the wealth of heaven in every area of your life.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey out of poverty and into the abundance Jesus paid for us to have!



I have also included Kris video about the book.

The book is available on Amazon.

Kris also has a reading club with additional extras available. Check it out at


Renewing of the Mind

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Stinking Thinking

One of the things I believe traps people from moving into their full potential is “stinking thinking.” For me, that is thought patterns that have kept people in bondage to self-limiting beliefs and patterns of behavior that don’t allow them the freedom to grow and experience growth. We need to take time to renew our thinking. We need to analyze our thoughts to see where they are incongruous with who we are designed to be.

I am familiar with mine and as a Christian, my relationship with God allows me to discover more and more beliefs that are limiting. Some of them have been culturally appropriated, some have been developed through lies I have believed about myself or others and some have been developed through religious influences.

At the end of last year my heavenly Father started talking to me about growing my Faith. He said it would require me to go beyond logic and into trusting His word.

I want to make it clear that I am following what He reveals during my meditation time and through all day conversations. While I don’t expect people who don’t have a relationship with him to understand it will simply look and sound foolish. Honestly, I understand how crazy it may seem but He does talk to his children and loves to have a relationship with them. The more you grow in your relationship with Him the clearer his voice becomes. You see it is easy to recognize love. and the peace that comes when He is present.

The Mind

The “Mind” tries to figure things out but our Heart and Spirit knows what it wants. Our mind essentially fights our heart and spirit in order to find clarity. Needing to be clear is a mind thing, sometimes we need to just walk the journey letting Spirit lead and not mind.

Faith requires us to go beyond our mind and take a step of faith. It is important to remember that our mind is connected to external events and takes its primary input from there. When we become a Christian our Spirit connects directly to the Godhead via Holy Spirit who is living within and around us. In the Old Testament, Holy Spirit came upon you for a season and left. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit lives within us as well as around us.

The more room we give Him and allow him to expose any areas where lies empower darkness in our lives, the more we gradually become like Jesus. This not only requires faith, that He will do what He said He will do, it requires you to take control of the thoughts that fight against faith. Those are the thoughts that are empowered by “logical” fear-based ideas. In the book of Romans, Paul exhorts us to renew our mind.

Do not be conformed to this age, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what is the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God. Romans 12:2 HCSB


I am excited as one of the books I have wanted to get has come on sale for the next few days. It is Renew by Julie Winter. I first heard about this book from Kris Vallotton. He went through a battle of depression and anxiety. Jackie walked him through the healing process allowing Holy Spirit to build him back to wholeness.

As the book description states…

“Through easy-to read, powerful chapters, you will learn to:

  • Break agreement with toxic thinking by learning how to take your thoughts captive and surrender them to Christ
  • Understanding the three “trees of your mind” and protect yourself from poisonous trees of unbelief and unforgiveness
  • Receive healing by releasing forgiveness
  • Keep your thought life healthy, nourished, and destiny-focused
  • Sustain joy through a correct view of your identity in Christ
  • Wear the Armor of God and use each item to dismantle lies aimed at your destiny
  • Activate the power of declaring Scripture, remembering testimonies, and releasing thanksgiving
  • Break free from shame, guilt and other strongholds that the enemy uses to keep you in bondage

A renewed mind is your weapon against the enemy’s lies and the key to walking in Supernatural joy!

So if you are looking for a way to move towards wholeness and healing then take advantage of this weekend special and get the Kindle version for $1.99 otherwise get the Hardback for $24.99. Paperback is currently $12.50



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Leather Jacket thoughts

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Ever since I was a teenager in Africa I wanted a leather jacket. It took me a while but was finally able to get a second hand one. I love it as it is warm and comfortable. My first impression was it was a little stiff at first, but, as I discovered, as most things in life, you have to grow into it and let it have time to form to your body. After a month or so of wearing it to and from work, I found that I hardly noticed it as before. You see the leather had softened a little in the creases my arms made as it got used to my “folds and curves”.
Currently, I was looking on Amazon and saw this deal for a leather bomber jacket.

Reed Men’s American Style Bomber Genuine Leather Jacket

My first inclination was to want to buy it straight away as I like most people have a desire to own something new that can be mine. One day I will get a brand new one when I need it, but as of now my current one meets my needs and my budget.

Currently, there is a promotion on this jacket. If you are considering buying it you can get 1 Reed® Men’s Genuine Leather Warm Lined Driving Gloves free when you purchase $150.00 or more of any items offered by Reed Wholesale (restrictions apply).

If anyone gets one or takes advantage of this promotion let me know in the comments and share your thoughts on this one.




Finding the right canon camera for a friend.

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A friend recently asked me to suggest a Canon camera that he can upgrade from. After doing a little research into a couple of Canon consumer level camera’s I suggested he look into the Canon 77d over the Canon 7tI. This post is simply my opinion based on the features he requested. His primary use is for shooting his children’s sports events and general family events.

The Canon 77D body is $799 on Amazon. (This price has gone up by $50 since the time of writing) and is a very good option if you can afford it.

I would be more inclined to go with the 77D over the 7tI as it has a number of features that are designed to help get the right setting quickly as opposed to the Rebel model.

Top digital LCD screen

A great feature for this, in my opinion, is the top digital LCD screen.


The digital reader that makes changing settings more fluid and easily accessible.

LCD settings screen

Back Dial Option

It has the back dial option as opposed to separate buttons which allows you to quickly scroll through and change settings as needed.

scroll pad on Canon 77D

Back Auto Focus button.

I love this feature as it allows you to quickly change your focal point so it is great when tracking players or even the ball and allows you to quickly initiate autofocus.

Back auto-focus button


Back auto-focus button closeup

Mode Dial Lock

This would be used to prevent accidental changing of modes while shooting. It doesn’t happen very often but like a seatbealth, it is great protection.

Mode Lock button on Canon 77D

It is built for ease of use and with the back autofocus button would be great for the action shots.

The other advantage it is a 2017 model so has the Digic 7 image processor and has 45 autofocus points for really accurate and fast autofocus. It can track objects for continuous shooting and effectively get between 4-6 frames a second in focus.


Here is the Rebel 7tI version for $749


The Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM Lens ($499) has image stabilization built into it and will work great with the 77D. it has an aperture of f/4 at 70mm and 5.6 at 300mm aperture.

You may also check out  the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens for Canon SLR Cameras that is available on Amazon marketplace for  around $800 (regular $2000 for the newer model II)

There is also a Sigma lens, that is $399 on Amazon but I lean more towards the Canon for image quality.

Here is a good review of the Sigma lens.

A great video review of the Canon and Tamron lenses.

An interesting video breakdown on image quality between the types of lenses.

Hope this helps.

I will try get a few pics from these if he will allow me at some stage to show samples.


Amazon Prime Day

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Amazon Prime

I have been an Amazon Prime member since my days in college. You may be thinking, “Wait Amazon Prime has not been around since the age of the dinosaurs!”, and you would be right. In 2010 I made the decision to go back to college while working full time and raising a family which is a full time job in itself.

Amazon Prime had helped me get things I needed at college that was, in some cases, impossible to find locally.  It was by no means an easy journey going to work full time and completing college but Amazon Prime definitely made it easier for my family.

Finances were and still are tight for a family of 7 and having access to all the Amazon Prime features allowed me to enjoy music as I studied with Amazon music, allowed me to upload my family memories to Amazon Photo’s from my phone and Kindle devices.

College books were also used on my Kindle and even uploaded to my kindle app on my phone and computer.

Now is the perfect time t sign up for an Amazon Prime account. If you are a student you can get a 6 month free trial and then it becomes only $49 per month after that. That is 50% less than the regular price.

So what are some of my favorite benefits of Amazon Prime.

Prime Delivery – FREE Two-Day Shipping on over 50 million items, FREE Same-Day and 2-hour delivery in select areas, and FREE Release-Date Delivery on eligible pre-order items.

Prime Video – Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV episodes at no additional cost. Granted there is also the rent and buy option for new releases not included in Prime. If you are on the go there is even a way to temporarily download the movie to watch while you are travelling. This is a big deal for me and having a family of 5 kids as we can simply log onto a device and stream a show to keep them entertained during the travel downtime.

Prime Music – It has a growing selection of 2 million songs – always ad-free. If that is not enough then unlock more with Amazon Music Unlimited at an exclusive discount. I love this feature especially when I am travelling.

Prime Photos – FREE unlimited photo storage for you and five others. Plus, upgraded search helps you find photos fast.

Over the coming days I will be going through some of the services and tell a little more about why I love them.



“93 Miles” – Fulfilling a Dream.

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“93 Miles” – Fulfilling a Dream.

Have you got a dream? Did someone help you achieve one? Do you want to help someone achieve theirs?

I want to remind you as you sow into someones dream you open a door for your dreams to become a reality.

If you are interested in helping a very talented young man finish his Film MFA Thesis project, 93 Miles. I was in school with him and know the quality of his work and he is of good character.

From my friend the Director.


“93 Miles is a fictional short-film, inspired by true events, about the defection of a Cuban baseball player and his girlfriend, as they journey into an unfamiliar land, hoping to achieve the ‘American Dream’. The dark secrets of the sports industry draws conflict that the two have to face in this crucial chapter of their lives.

This is my MFA Thesis project, here at Emerson College. A project I need to complete to graduate. I’m not one who just wants to make something and turn it in to get my degree. I want to make something that will open the next chapter in my life.
I truly believe 93 Miles is the key, while it also holds a very important message about human trafficking, that many Cuban athletes have unfortunately encountered.
We are moving along slowly, but we are getting there – every dollar counts. This is also an ‘all or nothing’ campaign, meaning if I don’t reach the goal, everyone is reimbursed, and I don’t get anything.”

It would be wonderful if you could help support this project.

See more here on kickstarter.

Here is a sample of his work.

Love Lust from Noah Canavan on Vimeo.

So again I ask you. Have you got a dream? Did someone help you achieve one? Do you want to help someone achieve theirs?

So I ask you would you sow into Noah’s dream and potentially open a door for your dreams to become a reality?



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Are We Destined To Win?

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Are We Destined To Win?

What is your passion? Are you significant? Do you have a destiny or is your life a random set of circumstances? How do you view your identity and does it affect your choices? Is it even important that you have an identity and destiny? These are all really hard questions to answer and typically people spend lifetimes trying to discover the answers. I am no exception.

On this journey of life I am always looking for inspiration and clarity, as such I am currently reading through Destined To Win: How to Embrace Your God-Given Identity and Realize Your Kingdom Purpose by Kris Vallotton a leader and pastor out of Redding California.

It was one of the books I have recently been eyeing for a while as I always find Kris’s insights enlightening.

As a disclaimer I will say upfront that I did receive a copy of the book from the author for review purposes and will do my best to provide some of the insights I get and an honest reflection of my thoughts. #destinedtowinbook

I was initially drawn to his book because one of my great joys is helping people find their passion and calling that people commonly refer to as destiny. I believe this book is a great practical resource in helping you clarify what moves you.

So here is just a quick taste of some of my noted quotes from chapter two.

Dealing with the soul.

Why are so many people looking at the modern church and just seeing hypocrites and not authentic believers? Why am I hypocritical in some areas and afraid of living authentically?
Kris points out a potential reason through asking a great question. “Why do we pretend? I think it’s because we are all born with an intense need to feel significant, loved, valued, and accepted; yet we fear that we are not worthy of these things.”

If you have grown up in a religious atmosphere in any way either consciously or unconsciously we have held that developing our spirit as more essential and valuable than looking after our soul and body. Sometimes this is fueled by a deficient understanding of scripture.

At times when a person is experiencing the favor of God and succeeding in an area outside of what is deemed non spiritual then phrases such as, “They are so walking by the flesh and not the spirit.” are thrown in their direction.

Kris breaks down and expounds his points further scripturally and for the richness of that you would need to get a copy of the book.

One final quote for today.

Dear friend, I pray that you may prosper in every way and be in good health physically just as you are spiritually. 3 John 2
“Did you notice that prosperity and health are directly related to your soul and not your spirit?…It’s imperative that we first acknowledge and then manage the needs of our souls. Otherwise, we will find ourselves drowning in the sea of humanity, starving for love, affection, acceptance, significance, attention, and approval.” (p.12)




Creativity and Fear

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Creativity is a gift to be explored free of fear. Perfect love casts out fear. When men have connected to the source of all life Jesus, creativity and redemption are an open door.

Creativity should never be boxed in by what is considered normal and accepted, but with freedom comes responsibility.

I long for the day:

  • that creative person will freely explore their gifts and be allowed to come up with solutions to some of the problems the world is facing.
  • where men and woman are free to explore what the creator has placed within their hearts to be made manifest on the earth.
  • when people would stop aborting the future hidden in the lives of children who never get the opportunity to develop and explore the world we enjoy.
  • all people would honor the “Glory of God” intrinsically contained in each other rather than divide over doctrine. It is never about “us versus them” it is about “We”.

Jesus did not come to set up another religion! He came to adopt broken and lost children who are disconnected from their creator and lover. He came to bring us back into the divine relationship of goodness and love. Anything less is a substitute.

Enjoy this video.

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Success is born out of failure

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Failure is part of life. It is what we do with failure that determines our future.

Some of your greatest failures can become the foundation stones for some of your greatest successes.

I think it was Thomas Edison who said when looking back at all the failures he experienced when creating the light bulb, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

I love it!!!

If we could all face our fears of the future with the attitude that each failure both past, present and future will take us to greater heights and will make the success of victory even sweeter.

Here is my encouragement to you. Go become all that you can be, and then some. The world needs you, I need you to succeed for the same of not only me but my children and their children.

Whatever is in your way cannot defeat you unless you choose to let it.

Reality Check : Failure is inevitable but it can be the breeding ground for great success. Success is achieved through persistence to achieve the dream within your heart, in spite of failure.

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So Help Me God

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A story on CNN got my attention today. Atheist Michael Newdow has filed suit to remove the phrase “So Help me God” from the presidential inauguration. He is also opposed to a Christian performing the invocation. Not very “Tolerant” now is it.

Newdow said references to God during inauguration ceremonies violate the constitution’s ban on the establishment of religion.

What I don’t understand is the fact that, by definition, atheist groups deny the existence of God yet serve their own non God Atheism. I will explain more later in this post.

First off to me atheism is a bit of an oxymoron. To deny the existence of God one would need to consider the possibility that God exists. That very act I feel denies atheism. One would then need to examine the evidence for the existence of God and against to come to the informed conclusion that God does not exist.

To outright deny the existence of God would in essence show itself to be an uninformed narrow minded decision. Anyway I have it on good authority that God does not believe in atheists.

Secondly, religion is defined by as a body of persons adhering to a particular set of beliefs and practices.

Therefore by definition an atheist belongs to the religion of atheism. By demanding the removal of In God We Trust or so help me God from the constitution, currency or from the inauguration on the basis that it is discriminatory towards atheism is, in essence, elevating one religious belief above that of another and as such is against the constitution.

The establishment clause in the constitution has generally been interpreted to prohibit the establishment of a national religion by Congress, or the preference of one religion over another, or the support of a religious idea with no identifiable secular purpose.

Lets look at some word definitions. These were found at dictionary dot com.

God is defined as;
1. A person or thing deified and honored as the chief good;
2. An object of supreme regard. One that is worshiped, idealized, or followed
3. To regard or treat as a god; deify; idolize

To idolize is defined as;
1. to regard with blind adoration, devotion, etc.
2. To worship as a god.

To Worship can be defined as the object of adoring reverence or regard.

Looking at the above definitions it could be said that atheism (a set of beliefs and paradigms honored and given high regard to) is it’s own God being idolized and worshiped by atheists.

As such the secular view of in God we trust does not violate those beliefs rather is inclusive of those beliefs. An atheist trusting in the god of Atheism is not discriminated against in the use of the term in God We Trust.

Reality Check: I am a follower of Jesus and I respect the fact that people may not have encountered Jesus yet. Jesus is not a religion. He is a person, the very son of God. I worship, adore and follow the Son of God. Jesus is not intimidated by the other so called god’s. There will come a day where every knee will bow and confess that he is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is almighty and powerful and fully able to reveal himself to those who are earnestly seeking to find the truth.

I choose to be in relationship with him, to be loved by him, to be led by him and to obedient out of love not religious duty.

It is an awesome adventure that will cost you everything but you get so much more in return.

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